Ordering salt

We deliver our salt in either 10 or 25 kg bags at a price which includes both VAT and delivery to your door.

Number of bagsDelivery timePrice per 10kg bag*Price per 25kg bag *VAT and Delivery costs (England and Wales only)
1 – 32 – 3 business days£10.00£15.00Included
4 – 62 – 3 business days£9.50
7 – 92 – 3 business days£9.00£14.00Included
10 – 122 – 3 business days£8.50£13.50Included

We offer discounts for bulk purchase. This reduces our transport costs and has positive effect on the environment.

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Ordering salt is easy via the form on this page, or CLICK HERE to proceed to the online shop.